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My (short) story.

Damien Nicolas Roux - DNR portrait now

I was born of an architect-painter father and a mother trained in the fine arts.

I have always drawn, cut, and painted - as far as I can remember.

I live and work in Paris, France. Sometimes in Burgundy.

I have a taste for line and construction - e.g. architectural elements, references to antiquity. I always give a major role to colour in my works. I am strongly influenced by french decorative arts, but also modern to contemporary arts.


My subjects - fantasized but possible architectures, landscapes, interiors - are jostled by the appearance of animals silhouette or a furtive, even suggested human presence.
If it is not the subject, life is nevertheless close by.

The techniques I use range from graphic design through acrylic to the more traditional use of watercolour on arches paper, but always with flat tints of colour and a clean rendering.

My creations sometimes escape flatness to become ornamental volumes (cartonnages, decoupages) 
like the 3-D continuity of my work.


Nulla dies sine linea
(No day without a line. Pas un jour sans une ligne.)


Portrait of me now by Lora Barra - Portrait of me then by my father.

Damien Nicolas Roux - DNR portrait then
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