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Damien Nicolas Roux | DNR Paris

French artist, illustrator & maker.

I draw, cut and paint with different techniques (felt-pen, acrylic, watercolors) for various media (paper, cardboard, fabrics) but always using a visual alphabet inspired by french decorative arts & architecture with an assumed preference for neoclassicism.

This is what I do.

Damien Nicolas Roux - interior drawing
Damien Nicolas Roux - saved new york
Damien Nicolas Roux - cartonnage

My work + my visual inspiration on Instagram.

In my studio.


Get in touch.

Paris, France

To contact me, fill in the form
or message me via Instagram.


Some of my works can be found...


Galerie Maison Dauphine | Selected drawings

SAVED New York | Selected drawings + volumes

SAVED X DNR Paris Collection



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